About me

About me

Welcome to Chef Ajay Chamoli's world of "Do Eat and Stay Fit".

You may be baffled by such a statement when, staying fit to many of us, becomes synonymous to cutting out on foods and munching some tasteless grub! Rarely do we come across someone who is indifferent to his /her gastronomic demands at any age and in any season.

But then at some point we, on our own or through some external suggestions, become conscious of the food value of each bite we take. Ultimately we get so much concerned about our health that we start wondering if we must cut down all the tasty bites. We are suddenly engulfed by a sense of loss. I am sure you would agree with me if I say that despite those strict diet charts from your doctors, you often feel tempted to tickle your taste buds with mouth-watering spicy dishes and delicious desserts displayed in the menu cards of the restaurants and sweet shops, and so often advertised on the TV, newspapers and Internet.

But yes, you can eat healthy without losing the taste and flavour, and this is exactly what I intend to present through this site.

I am a foodie myself but to stay fit and light, besides going through gruelling workouts, I rein in my urges for taking aways at the eating joints. Still, at times, I am forced to give in to the demand of my salivating mouth -- taking a few bites of all those yummy treats on offer at home or outside, only to repent later for those extra calories going into my body. In this, I am sure to get full empathy and support from most of you.

But can we do something about this dilemma? Surely we can. We need not lose our heart. Just we need to give some twists here and there to the regular dishes and there you are - munching all those "forbidden" dishes and leading a tastefully happy life without the guilt of gorging on food!

My journey in becoming a Chef

Memory fails me to pinpoint the day I started getting drawn towards cooking. I give full credit for generating this interest in me to my mother and sisters who would regularly churn out delicious dishes for our meals. I still sense that appetising aroma of the spices emanating from the hot steaming dishes. I can still see the colourful dishes, which used to drive me crazy until I took big bites and gulp them down. At times I would try my hands at some dishes too, which often came commendably tasteful.

Encouraged by the back patting I received from my family and friends, I would try more dishes. However, what started as somewhat following the traditional recipes, turned into experimenting with the cooking and some results were really amazing and pleasing to all. The more I immersed myself into cooking, the more I realised that I want to take up the profession of a chef. This called for a formal training whereby I could learn more about the art and science of food and cooking, to develop myself as a culinary artist. I decided to pursue a professional culinary course. I learnt to be a perfectionist in whatever I was dishing out. After the professional training, I have extensively worked at ship cruises, restaurants, and hotels in India and the gastronomical capital of the world New York and many other locations abroad. With such a varied exposure, I have been, getting enriched constantly and able to polish my culinary skills and invented newer recipes.

All these bring me to answer the question.

Was I born to be a Chef?

I don't have any clear-cut answer for that. But I remain passionate to cooking. The moment I step into the kitchen, I feel an inexplicable joy which makes me unwind myself and enjoy every moment of my dishing out each course. I believe if I loved cooking an item, my guests would definitely love eating it. And what can be more rewarding than hearing a burp of satisfaction n a smile on the lips of my guests !! This gives me the required kick to experiment with newer recipes. In my excitement and endeavor to innovate newer recipes, I don't lose sight of the health related concerns invading our mind while we dine.

What I do when I am not cooking?

I believe I am a chef when I am awake; I am a chef when I am sleeping. I constantly assess my culinary creations and improve upon them. But that is not all I do always. I need to recharge myself from time to time, and that I do regular workouts, and at times slinging my camera and going around and shooting whatever I find picturesque. I feel the aesthetics I need, as I click shots, comes handy while I garnish the dishes I make. I have displayed some of the pictures shot by me. These pictures include both the dishes I made as well as those out in the open world which inspires me to create unusual but pleasing to eyes ways of presenting a dish.

What will this site offer you?

On this site, I will talk about what variations one can bring to the various dishes. No, I will not give you any recipe of the dishes, which you can easily find around you. I will just mention the modifications you can think of to enhance its taste, flavour and/or texture while retaining or enhancing their nutrition value thus giving you an overwhelming dining experience. Some unusual recipes will be presented at regularly. All your queries are welcome and I shall honestly answer all of them.